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Recommended Foods To Select For An ESA - 2021 Guide
Some people think that an ESA letter must be trained just like a service dog so that they do make a mess. While some are of the opinion that you do not need to martingale collar train the emotional support animal. If you are confused then let us tell you a simple answer. You are not obligated to train your emotional support animal but it is highly recommended that you train them some basic things. 

Why train your emotional support animal?
The first thing that may come to the mind of any reader would be ‘Why to train an emotional support animal?’ It is true that they do not need any special training as the service animals but they still need to be disciplined. If your emotional support animal does not behave well in public places, you will be held responsible. 
Things you need to know before training
Training the emotional support animal is quite easy actually, though you still need to be patient with them. You can use treats as a reward in order to encourage your emotional support animal when it learns a new thing. However, remember that you must not punish the emotional support animal at all. They may make a mistake and not be able to understand what you are trying to tell. Remember that they are not as intelligent as you and may need a little more time. 
You can train your emotional support animal at the park or at home. If you are training the emotional support animal at home, then you must know that you need to keep an ESA letter for housing with you all the time. It will guarantee that your landlord or housing authority does not object.
Where to start the training from
The first to do is to train your emotional support animals especially dogs, cats, rabbits, and more how to sit when instructed. This is the first step because unless your emotional support animal doesn't learn how to sit to stay in a place calmly, they will not pay attention to any other instruction you give to them.
You can also take help from a professional if you are clueless. Show them the letter and you might even get a discount. Not sure about the letter? View an emotional support animal letter available online. Do not rush into the complex training strategies and just start with the basics.
Basic commands
You must train your emotional support animal four basic commands which include staying, sit, heel, down. If your emotional support animal learns these commands, the rest of the training will be really easy. The method of training varies from one animal to another. 
When you are training the emotional support animal initially, position them in the way you want them to martingale dog collar act. Then you will have to hold them like that for at least three seconds. If this is not effective then hold for a little longer so that they can memorize it. 
After a few training sessions, you can start maintaining a little distance from your emotional support animal so that they start to perform the actions independently. If your emotional support animal has not learned how to do a certain action, then you need to revise the previous strategy. 
Tips and Tricks to train

Start by placing a treat near the nose of your emotional support animal and then slowly move it to the place where you want them to be. For instance, if you want them to sit them Tap the area or ground with your hand. Next, say their name excitedly. They’ll know that you are calling them. This is simple but needs a little practice to the emotional support animal to understand what you mean.


Praise and smile when your emotional support animal does exactly as you want. Also, do not forget to reward them with treats.


Once they start to train, skip the treats during the training session and keep them only until after they completed the training session.

How Frequently to train?
One of the commonly asked questions is that for long how do I need to train my emotional support animals or how frequently should I snuffle mat for dogs train. This depends on the species of the animal. Some animals like dogs, cats, and horses learn really quickly and you need to train them only for a week. 
You need to train your emotional support animals only for a few minutes every day. If your animal is quite playful and easy to train, for instance, a small cat then you train them inside while playing with them. This will make them as they learn. However, if your emotional support animal is a horse, then you will need a bigger space to train them. You need to train them every day for only 15 to 30 minutes.
Once they develop the habits and start to act as you trained them, you can stop training them regularly. But if you think after quitting the training, they tend to forget the training, you can continue again but with a little different technique. 
You must have realized how important it is to train your emotional support animal. If you are not able to train your hypoallergenic dog breeds at home or do not have sufficient time, then leave it to the professionals. Be sure to pay special attention to the training.
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