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GP lack of knowledge about CRPS  


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December 6, 2017 4:03 am  

I just saw my General Practitioner yesterday and it was horrible.

Not only was she dismissive she had no knowledge about CRPS

Upon reviewing my cervical spine MRI she stated this is concerning. You need surgery! I took a deep breath and calmly stated I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Surgery is not an option. I am at high risk for my condition to spread.  Her response, "oh". I didn't even have a chance to mention that surgery is how I got CRPS to begin with ?.  She is now referring me to a rheumatologist because my other pain symptoms must be a rheumatologist issue. 

Has anyone else experienced dismissive doctors or those with a lack of knowledge of CRPS? a How did you get them to understand the severity and debilitating nature of CRPS?

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