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Chronic illness is lonely, but it doesn't have to be!  


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November 3, 2017 5:36 am  


My name is Nicole and I have had CRPS for 5 years. I have it in both of my lower legs, on the front (my shins). The doctors think that I got it from having shin splints from running track and field. My chronic illness journey so far has been pretty lonely, so I was inspired to try to make chronic illness a little less lonely for everyone. I have loved writing letters since I was really young, and so I decided to create a community for anyone with chronic illness where we support each other by writing letters! 

Each month, everyone gets the name, address, and brief bio of another Chronically Stamped member. In this way, every month you'll get connected to two others who are fighting a similar battle! Eventually, your support network will grow and you will have the chance to positively influence the lives of those around you.

Visit for more info and to sign up! If you have any questions, use the contact form or reply to this post! 🙂 Or follow us on instagram @chronicallystamped.

I hope that everyone has a low pain, high function day! 

xoxo Nicole

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Angie J. Hernandez, C.Ht.
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November 3, 2017 11:31 am  

Great idea!